summertime at Rheinboellen

this July, we could arange again a meeting with my old friend Nobby at his house in the beautiful country Hunsrueck in the western of Germany. Couple of days before, I picked up my new F3 lefty at my cousins bikestore in EisenacH/Thueringen. What should I tell. this bike is a weapon. Maybe its caused also by the good constitution of my legs but this stiff aluminum frame gives you acceleration/speed with every kick. That makes fun.

as usual, we made a picture at the highest point,

and this time also at the beautiful vistapoint and restaurant „the Schweizerhaus“ pretty close to the old father rhine, but 150m higher.

this was a really nice day. and after the strawberry cake, they brought us another piece of cheesecake too! c u soon again